Watch Nepali movie Tiger starring Ashok Phuyal, Shuvechha Thapa, Sushant Karki, Samichha Aryal, Uttam KC etc. Tiger is a action genre Nepali movie directed by Raju Giri. Nepali movie Tiger is a joint venture of Shankar Giri, Kajal Giri and Riya Giri. This movie is officially released online by Budha Subba Music.

Nepali Movie Tiger
Lead Actor Ashok Phuyal
Lead Actress Shuvechha Thapa
Casts Sushant Karki, Samichha Aryal, Uttam K.C etc.
Director Raju Giri
Editor Kranti K.C
Producer Shanker Giri, Kajal Giri, Riya Giri
Cinematography Mukesh Humagain
Music Arjun Pokharel
Choreography Kranti K.C
Action Roshan Shrstha
Writer Raju Giri
Trailer Available
Movie Available, Copyrights by Budha Subba Digital Pvt. Ltd

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