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JOHNNY GENTLEMAN Releasing On 30 Bhadra 2074

The official trailer of upcoming Nepali movie JOHNNY GENTLEMAN has recently released online. The movie is post production by Mount Everest. The movie stars actor Paul Shah, Aanchal Sharma, Bikash Joshi, Jaina Kuwar, Santosh Silwal Giri etc. Directed by Nitin Chand. The movie is Choreographed by Keshav Thapa, Pravin Singh and Sarita Rachal and was cinematographed by Rupesh Thapa and Ram Saran Upreti. Movie was edited by Nabin Niraula.

The movie JOHNNY GENTLEMAN is about johnny who is gangstern of small town and famous for his skill to escape from any prison and help the criminal to get out of prison. He does this for money. He has been watched by police but lack of proper evidence he has never been caught. but later Johnny falls in love with a beauty who works in an NGO who’s name is Shree and now his life is headed towards a good turn but is not as simple as it seems.  The music video Jaba Jaba Timro Saath of the movie had released earlier which has crossed 1,884,174 views within a month. The top most singer of Nepal such as Anju Panta and Suresh Lama has given his voice in this movie song. Overall, this movie want to show the power of love towards the audience.

Movie JOHNNY GENTLEMAN is going to release on 30 Bhadra 2074. Here is the official trailer of the movie as released online by HighlightsNepal.

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