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Nepali Movie – Jadugar

Watch Nepali movie Jadugar starring Mahadev Tripathi, Saru Parajuli, Karima Magar, RB Bhattarai etc. Nepali movie Jadugar is a presentation of Madhav Tripathi which is a fun movie specially dedicated to childrens. This movie is officially released online by Sairam Pictures.

Nepali Movie Jadugar
Lead Actor Mahadev Tripathi
Lead Actress Saru Parajuli
Casts Karima Magar, R.B. Bhattarai.
Poster Designer Kamal Shrestha
Co-Editor Bishnu Sharma
Kitchen Raj kumar Pudasaini
Cinematographer Suresh
Producer Mahadev Tripathi
Trailer Not Available
Movie Available, Copyright by Sairam Pictures Pvt. Ltd

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