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Nepali Movie – Dhoom

Watch Nepali movie Dhoom starring Biraj Bhatta, Rejina Upreti, Jay Kishan Basnet, Ramit Dhungana, Arjun Karki, Suraj RD etc. Nepali movie Dhoom is a presentation of director Shovit Basnet which is produced by Mina Basnet, Jahaanbi Basnet and Brabrim Basnet. This movie Dhoom is officially released online by Sairam Pictures.

Nepali Movie Dhoom
Lead Actor Biraj Bhatta
Lead Actress Rejina Upreti
Casts Jay Kishan Basnet, Ramit Dhungana, Arjun Karki, Suraj R.D etc.
Director Shovit Basnet
Music Manoj Raj Bhandari
Producer Mina Basnet, Jahaanbi Basnet, Brabrim Basnet
Editor  Banish Shah, Babal Lama
Action  Shankar, Surya, Bikash
Choreography Shiva B.K
Cinematography Krishna Shrestha
Story Jay Kisan
Trailer Not Available
Movie Available, Copyrights by Sairam Pictures Pvt. Ltd.

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